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In the middle of his Make Hope Tour, Nicholas David made a special stop at 

Daytrotter Studios! 

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 We've been Blessed to take this "Music from the Heart, for the Heart" across the country. I've been sharing a story of how a man reached out and said his mom was a huge fan n asked if I would play at his mom's funeral. She was sick and didn't have much time left. I asked if she was still alive and he said, yes. 

I told him I would rather sing to her while she's alive. So we met at the Clinic to meet his Mom.

The simple act of sharing the gifts that we're given can "light up" the darkness be whatever it is. A couple weeks later we were on tour and  I got a call from him and he said mom had passed, but thanks for giving us something else to talk about other than mom is dying. 

I ended up finding the video posted by the clinic online and wanted to share it with you. 

When we share our gifts we "Make Hope"

Peace and Many Thanks





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Music from the Heart, For the Heart.


The Official Video to the song Fresh from our Make Hope EP



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